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    Do you do dive trips in alternative locations besides Faro/Portugal?
    Every year we organize diving trips to several destinations such as Cape Verde, Red Sea and nearer the Azores and Madeira. Although we are based in Faro, we often do diving trips of Vila Real de Santo António to Sagres passing through Peniche and Sines.
    Some people think that diving is dangerous? Is this true?
    The recreational diving is now a very safe activity, only some rules to follow and becomes accessible to all. The essential is proper training, equipment in excellent condition and dive with a Dive Center reducing enormously the risks .
    In diving some people think they have trouble reacting badly to the depth. How can this issue be resolved? I should consult a doctor?
    Many of the problems that people think they have aren't a contraindication for diving, after filling out the medical form and if some condition is detected then you should contact a doctor, but in most cases this is not necessary. After all we should not only keep us healthy for diving.
    In the Algarve we only have 3 months of summer, it is possible to dive in winter?
    The Algarve allows diving all year even without dry suits. In the winter we usually find some of the best days of visibility.
    If I have a company of events and want to create an event where the participants want to dive, UDIVING provides this service?
    Yes UDIVING have an extensive program of training and experiences which allows the satisfaction of almost all the needs of its kind
    Scuba diving is a fascinating activity, there are some movies or videos where we can see what happens in diving?
    Today through youtube or other channels we can see lots of diving activities. The film industry also has long been exploring this area, but here we have to take into consideration that this, is fiction, in fact some of diving accidents retreated in some films are not even possible in recreational diving. You can watch our channel on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/udivingdivecenter).
    If I want to buy diving equipment, do you make payment facilities? how it works and how should I order or buy?
    Yes, there are several credit systems that can facilitate the shopping, even without interest rates, our advice is to visit our shop and get technical advice that is not able to get on the Internet.
    I have scuba gear, do you do equipment maintenance or repairing?
    Yes, UDIVING is MARES LAB which guarantees the repair and maintenance of almost dive equipment.

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