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    Dive sites in Tavira

    The dive sites in Tavira are characterized by its sandy bottom, dives take place in rock formations, wrecks and artificial reefs extending from Fuzeta to Vila Real de Santo António. The water temperature in our dive sites varies between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius, which recommends the use of a 7mm wetsuit. The average visibility is situated within 7-8 meters, often reaching more than 10 meters.

    Pedra do Barril


    Depth: 21 – 28 meters


    Description:Old cliff with around 1000 meters parallel to the shore, with a gap of about 7 meters, based on a bottom of very fine sediments that requires excellent control of buoyancy, here we can find the Dendrophyllia ramea coral just like in Barra Velha in Faro.

    Pedra de Cacela


    Depth: 9 – 12 meters


    Description: Large rocky outcrop which is developed parallel to the shore, has in its central area a very interesting crack.

    Titan Wreck


    Depth:18 – 25 meters


    Description: Barge that sunk while placing blocks of artificial reefs, nearby it ‘s his crane based on a sandy bottom and completely intact.

    The Crane Wreck


    Depth: 17 – 25 meters


    Description: BCrane from the Titan vessel sunk while placing blocks of artificial reefs, lies now on top of the concrete blocks.

    Pedra do Lacém


    Depth: 11 – 13 meters


    Description: Rocky reef 100 meters long, parallel to shore, lot’s of interesting holes full of seabreams and other species.

    Laje Estalada


    Depth: 16 – 18 meters


    Description: Large flat rock cracked all the way, creating great protection for marine life.

    Pedra Rasteira


    Depth: 14 – 18 meters


    Description: 200 meters long rocky reef, parallel to shore with a very interesting drop where you can find a large number of marine life.

    Laje de Fora


    Depth: 15 – 18 meters


    Description: V shaped rocky reef 50 meters long, where we can find regularly a school of large greys snappers.

    Empire Warrior


    Depth: 18 – 20 meters


    Description: British steam freighter of 2500 tons sunk on June 19, 1941 by German bombers, when carrying a cargo of coal for the mines of São Domingos. It’s based on a sandy bottom.

    Artificial Reefs Protection Modules


    Depth: 19 – 21 meters


    Description: IPIMAR project started in 1990, consists in three units clusters, each one consisting of a concrete open cubes set with 1.3 meters and serves for the protection of numerous species.

    Artificial Reefs Exploration Modules


    Depth: 24 – 31 meters


    Description: Modules with 5 meters in height and width resembling a cage, are placed in groups of four and are 25 meters distant from each other.

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    I've been to uDiving last March/2013 for a Mares Lab Technical Course and was greeted by Mateus and is team on both Faro and Tavira (Albacora) locations with excellent professionalism and organization.
    pmasousa - Porto, Portugal

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